Welcome to my personal web site. I created this space to highlight my career, to collect my thoughts, and to share my photography.

Currently my time is dedicated to:

  • Working at Synopsys, Inc.
  • Adding additional content to this website;
  • Participating on the advisory council board for the Foster Grandparents Program at Seniors Council.; and
  • Learning more about emergency and disaster preparedness through Organize For Action.

My thoughts have also appeared on my travelogs:

Unfortunately I do not have access to these files anymore; at some point, I will transfer them here.

Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated. Feel free to leave your comments here; comments via Facebook are also appreciated.

Professional Life: Technology

A healthy curiosity and a passion for learning are the driving factors for my career in the computer technology industry. As a marketing communications professional working with industry leaders, I am fortunate to glimpse into possible futures where technologies make a difference for more efficient commerce and a better society. My LinkedIn profile has more info aobut my professional experience.

Giving Back : AmeriCorps

I was an AmeriCorps*VISTA member, 2008-2009, providing indirect community service to community-based and faith-based organizations in Santa Clara County. Giving back to the community feels good -- this is how my soul was nourished.

My U.S. Peace Corps Experience

I served in Morocco, 2005-2007, as a U.S. Peace Corps small business/community development advisor working with rural artisans in the Middle Atlas. Stepping outside my comfort zones strengthened my core values. Read more at my Peace Corps blog or take a photojourney here.

I can also be found on the following platforms:

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